feels like my period will come

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feels like my period will come
Fri, 03-19-2004 - 11:31am

I am 6 weeks Pregnant and I am still feeling that my period will come. Is this normal? Please help me with this.
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Fri, 03-19-2004 - 11:50am

Before I knew I was pregnant I kept running to the bathroom thinking my period was coming but I would check and nothing. I was like that for about 5 days before I took a test.


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Fri, 03-19-2004 - 3:29pm

I think it is normal. When you find out you are pregnant you enter into a sort of daze, wondering if it is all real. I don't think it really hits home until you hear the heartbeat or see an U/S. You have taken a pregnancy test correct? As Brandy (Billsgirrl) mentioned, you can't get a false positive pregnancy test so if it says you are you are.

Are you feeling period like symptoms and that is why you think you are getting your period?

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Fri, 03-19-2004 - 6:20pm
Thanks for your Reply.

No there are no symptoms of period but just this feeling that period will come. I am feeling nauseaus all day long. I had an U/S in my 5th week as I had a little brown spotting just for few hours. Dr also took my blood test twice and he said my HcG are increasing and nothing to worry. But I think because of that spotting I am worried and feeling like my period will come.

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Mon, 04-05-2004 - 8:19pm
The same thing happened to me. I kept thinking, I'm not pregant. Too bad. I don't feel pregnant and I can feel my period coming. You know, the mild cramps before it comes. Even after 3 home pregnancy tests (on different days) came out positive I still didn't believe it. I still couldn't quite believe it even after I went to the doctor because I was sure I could feel my period coming. I believe it now. I'm 11 weeks pregnant.
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Thu, 04-22-2004 - 4:40am
From everything that I've gathered, it's totally normal.

My periods are really irregular to begin with, so when I thought I felt mine coming on, I didn't know anything was up. I had the cramping, the fatigue, and the general not good feeling I have right before I get my period. Only this lasted for over three weeks. I kept running to the bathroom thinking I had just started my period only to find nothing. I considered wearing a tampon on days that I was going to be busy just because I was so sure that I was getting my period.

Then it just stopped. No symptoms or anything. I thought it was weird but still didn't know I was pregnant until a few weeks later when I took a random pregnancy test and discovered I was pregnant.

My normal doctor said that the feeling of a period coming on is completely normal along with some light spotting. It was explained to me that this feeling usually comes from your body readjusting to not dropping an egg, say your body is so adjusted that it will automatically bring on the "period" feelings even though no period will come, and the implantation of the embryo can cause these feelings.

I'm sure your doctor or whoever can explain these things to you better than I can. Anyway, I'm just glad to hear that I'm not the only one.


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