Important: Please read!!!

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Important: Please read!!!
Sun, 08-15-2004 - 1:12am

I wanted everyone to see this. I thought it would be easier to give a link than try to explain it all. I know a lot of ladies on here try to help one another out by sending extra formula, coupons or whatever but some people have mis-used the good intentions. I just want everyone to beware. I know some people really need ot help but if it is someone who doesn't post and just pops in, do a little research before you send them anything.

I just want everyone to be safe and protect yourself! The best way to protect yourself is with knowledge!

Happy trading!



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Sun, 08-15-2004 - 7:05pm
I try not to be amazed by these things, but I am! Sad what people will do!


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