Things you were surprised to find out

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Things you were surprised to find out
Mon, 08-16-2004 - 10:36am
I knew the obvious ones going into it; no smoking and drinking, as well as no changing the litter pan, and using tanning beds - but I've come to find over the past few weeks that there are a lot of "No No's" that I would never have guessed. Heck, I'm still finding them out day by day!!! Granted, our mom's weren't sticklers on alot of these points, and look - we turned out ok...but still, if there is anything I can do to avoid risking my baby, I'll do it. I was hoping to write this post and have others add on to it so we can help educate each other. Here's a start:

1. Sandwich meats should be heated before consumption. (30 seconds in the microwave will do it, just till it steams. You can cool it in the fridge, but eat within 1 hour. This is because of listeria).

2. Avoid artificial sweeteners, EXCEPT Splenda.

3. Keep away from soft cheeses (ie. blue cheese). Pasterized cheeses are okay.

4. Avoid saunas/hot tubs - warm baths are okay, as long as you keep the water from getting above your normal body temperture.

5. This one is new to me...nail polish. I need to do more research on this one.

Anything else?


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Mon, 08-16-2004 - 10:49am

Kim, this is a great post!

*Laying out in the sun is a no no. If you do lay out, make sure you go into the pool or ocean often



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Tue, 08-17-2004 - 4:11pm
If you attend all the summer fairs and festivals, the rides are out of the picture.

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Thu, 08-19-2004 - 12:57pm
I found out these no-nos

1. No water park rides. Should avoid slides of any kind.

2. No contact sports or jolty/jerking sporting events - you shouldn't be changing direction quickly. This cuts out a lot of sports.

3. No painting or being around paint fumes. Just like cleaners, these can be bad.

4. Try to avoid second hand smoke - studies show that the smoke may actually be higher in the fetus than in the mother (your baby gets more of the smoke than you do)

5. No medicines for constipation (metamucil, etc) without doctor approval - if you are constipated, there is a strong recommendation that you eat cracklin oat bran or total everyday and increase your water intake rather than take medications.

6. Tuna in limited amounts. No home-caught fish. Swordfish and some other types are no-nos.