Newborn and Bedtime Routine

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Newborn and Bedtime Routine
Tue, 08-17-2004 - 2:38am
Hi - I could use some insight on bedtime routines . My daughter (6 weeks old) eats about every 2-3 hours (breastfed). She frequently sleeps between feedings. Starting around 10pm she's totally awake - generally until 4 or 5 am :-(

I'd like to start establishing a night routine with her, but am unsure how to do so. Do I keep her up during the day to ensure she's a little more tired at night?

I welcome your advice!

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Tue, 08-17-2004 - 10:35am

My little guy slept pretty good at night. He would get up at around 1am and back up at around 4am but would take a good nap



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Thu, 08-19-2004 - 3:10pm
my son who is now 3 1/2 months old has been exclusively bf - and would nurse every 1 - 3 hours for a very long time. he now goes to bed by 9 pm, wakes up anywhere from 3 - 5 1/2 hours later and then goes back to bed for another 3 hours. we give him a bath at night followede by stories - always good night moon and sometimes one other. and then he nurses and goes to sleep. it has been getting much more predictable and longer periods of time that he actually sleeps which is nice - but there are still nights when he's up more. good luck - sleep well
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Sat, 08-21-2004 - 5:46am
I am also a first time mom with a newborn that likes to wake up a lot during the night. My friends sware to this routine from a book called:

"On Becoming Baby Wise: The Classic Reference Guide Used by Over 1,000,000 Parents Worldwide" by Gary Ezzo, Robert Bucknam

Basically you feed your baby, have play time (don't let him/her fall to sleep after the feeding) and then nap time. Another book "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect, and Communicate with Your Baby" by TRACY HOGG, MELINDA BLAU calls it the EASY program. Eat, activity, sleep, you time. By the 7-8th week your baby is supposed to be sleeping through the night.

You should check it out. I have been noticing a difference already within two weeks with my baby who is 5 weeks old.

Good luck and here's to sleep at night!!!!!!!!

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Tue, 08-24-2004 - 10:58pm
Liam had his days and nights confused for the first couple of months and I just kept trying everything and even got to the point when I figured it was better to adapt to his schedule. The next part is going to sound crazy but I was so disperate that I tried it. This old housekeeper who works in my building came over to check on us and I told her about what was going on. She recomended that I put his head at the foot part of his bassinet for a few nights when I put him down. She promised me that it would work. At that point no matter how silly I thought it was I was willing. I did it for two nights and then he started sleeping at night. It sounds so silly but it worked. Good luck to you and if you try it make sure to get back to me and tell me if it worked for you. Lot's of luck.