Absolutely Exhausted- need help!

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Absolutely Exhausted- need help!
Tue, 08-17-2004 - 6:35pm
I am only 6 weeks along and am absolutely exhausted. Is this normal?!?

I'm sure part if it is the fact that I am a band teacher who teaches at 2 schools and sees 180 kids a day. School just started on Monday, but I've been doing "teacher meetings" for a week, so that's one reason I'm tired.

I have had the luxury of summer off- now it is back to the grind, but for the first time I'm expecting as I work. My job is tough- I start at 6:30 am and sometimes go until 8:00 at night- longer when there's a football game! There's a lot of stress- mostly positive stress, but stress nonetheless.

I haven't told my students yet- so I'm trying to stay up, up, up around them. But on my break, sometimes I sit at my desk, it's 9:30 in the am, and I am so tired I just want to put my head down and nap!

When I do get home at a decent time, I'm so tired I fall asleep on the couch during the 6:00 news! My poor hubby is feeling neglected- and I have NO libido whatsoever.

I'm always tired at the beginning of a school year even without a pregnancy. I worry a lot about how all this will affect my pregnancy. I am so excited to be pregnant- we've been trying for a year, and I get to be a SAHM once my baby is born. But I've got to make it through this school year! (well, most of it!)

Any tips on overcoming this exhaustion? Any ideas to keep stress levels low? Anyone else managing a high stress job with a pregnancy? I feel so overwhelmed.
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Wed, 08-18-2004 - 1:28am
I think it's pretty normal to be that exhausted. I'm 9 wks now, and every since I've known (6 wks or so) and before that even, I have had a really hard time managing fatigue. I'm a broker, so I have a fairly high stress job, am often dealing with clients very early on the east coast, and need to stay late to help service the west coast clients as well. In the past, I have put in between 50-60 hours at work and then gone to school full time as well, but there's no way I'm going to be able to handle an academic load this time around.

I think what helps me the most has been changing my eating habits--I eat ten snacks a day rather than three meals. I know this may not be the most practical solution for a band teacher, but once your students know, it might be good to keep yummy natural snacks around (carrots, etc.). I also don't fight my body on the weekends at all--if I sleep in til noon on Saturday, get up for an hour and sleep four more, my body apparently needed it. Usually the first part of the week the fatigue seems to taper off a bit if I'm good over the weekend.

Congrats on your pg--wish I had more substantive advice for the rest of your issues. You'll find something--just don't be afraid to try just about anything.


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Wed, 08-18-2004 - 11:13am
I was completely exhausted during my first trimester. It's completely normal, since your body is working so hard to form the organs of the baby. It should get much better after the first three months. My second trimester was wonderful and I finally had energy back.

I suggest getting as much sleep at night as you can and taking it easy on the weekends too.

As for your DH - hopefully he will be understanding that you are completely exhausted due to your baby growing and developing inside you.

Good luck with everything.


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Thu, 08-19-2004 - 4:32pm

I was absolutely exhausted during my first trimester. I work full-time as an addictions counselor, 8 hours a day most days except Wednesdays, which is my 12-hour day.

I handled it by bringing snacks to work (carrots, raisins, apples, etc.) and munching when I got really sleepy. I also would get up and go for a short walk through the halls or outside if the weather was nice.

Then when I got home from work, I took a two-hour nap, ate dinner and went to bed *really* early, usually around 8 or 8:30 p.m. On the weekends, I slept late and went to bed early.

I explained to my husband what was going on with my body and why I was so tired so he would understand and not feel neglected.

It *does* go away. By my second trimester, I had a lot more energy.

Now, at 34 weeks pregnant, I'm feeling a bit tired again, but not *nearly* as tired as my first trimester.

Hang in there. It gets a lot better.