Buying from eBay

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Buying from eBay
Sat, 08-21-2004 - 9:32am
Has anyone ever bought baby items from eBay and had a bad experience with it? I generally look through it once a day and have an arguement with myself on whether I should trust the stuff or not. I have bought a bunch of other things off eBay before and had no trouble but nothing baby related.

I'm sure I'll end up getting clothes and such from there but I'm mostly wondering about the bigger items.... cribs, carseats, strollers, and so forth.



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Sat, 08-21-2004 - 11:20am

I buy and sell on Ebay. I haven't bought many baby items though. Just snack cups, formula



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Sun, 08-22-2004 - 6:05pm
I am a big ebay buyer but I wouldn't trust anything big. I have gotten clothes from ebay - which obviously you can check out and re-wash when you get them and they're fine. Cribs - you just never know unless you can see them whether the slats are too big or the mattress fits right or if there are other dangers. Strollers aren't quite as risky - but the shipping cost is going to kill the savings - you are better off looking at resale shops or garage sales. Carseats are something, like Brandy said, you should really get from a trusted source because you never know. That's just my opinion but I would say avoid it.


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