i need some help!!

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i need some help!!
Wed, 08-25-2004 - 6:35pm
i'm 8 1/2 months pregnant and my husband just found out today that he might have herpes. he went to the dr b/c of some spots on his body and the dr tested him for this. he's the only sex partner i've ever had and i know i didnt have the disease. the dr said i have to be tested right away and the baby may be at risk - do you know what kind of risks - i'm pretty freaked out. i know my husband had previous relationships so know i'm just wondering what effect this is going to have on my baby and less importantly me.
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Wed, 08-25-2004 - 8:50pm
Dont jump into conclusions listening to "maybe's".

Keep faith and wait for any confirmed diagnosis from the doctor. And I am sure the best reliable source here will be ur Ob/Gyn. They will tell you how u can be cautious from now on.

Have good faith and hope.

For general reading and not to jump into conclusions, There are websites talking abt the disease. Check them out if u feel like, but again, rely completely on ur Doc and also confirmed diagnosis.


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Thu, 08-26-2004 - 8:00am
I am sorry for your news.

You should have a list of questions to ask you doctor, like where is the infected area located on your dh. If it is in the genital area and he didn't know he had this infection, he may not have been aware of it during intercourse which you may have had during your pregnancy. That is possibly why your dr in concerned for you and the baby. Also, you may not know you might be infected, if you are, vaginal delivery could be very tricky. There are lots of website on the net regarding this disease and you will be very surprised as to how many individuals are infected in the world today. I myself do not have it, but my exhusband was infected at the age of 18 and learned how to live with it, and we were married for 4 yrs and I was not infected.

This disease is not a death sentence. Many people live a full and happy life with it. It is just something that needs to be managed and controled.

Try to stay positive and don't get yourself upset over the "what if's". For now on, use a condemn with every aspect of intamacy with your dh. I know this is probably going to be an unwelcoming change, but it is one that is needed for you and the baby's health.