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Thu, 08-26-2004 - 4:19pm

Hi there. I think i'm pregnant. I'm too scared to take the pregnancy test. I'm not married yet, we're supposed to be getting married June18th. I don't want to be pregnant during my wedding. What do I do! AAHHHHHHHHHHHH

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Thu, 08-26-2004 - 4:23pm

Please don't be too scared! Yes I would take the pregnancy test if you think you are. We will all be here to support you if you are. You are obviously in a loving relationship already, so that is a bonus. I will be here for you to talk to about any fears!!!

LOL, Sneakers

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Thu, 08-26-2004 - 4:34pm

I would calm down and take a test. If you ARE pregnant, and are already suspecting it...wouldn't you be due in May, so you wouldn't be pregnant for a June 18th wedding, right? At least there's that to help calm you a little bit!!!

Good luck~!


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Fri, 08-27-2004 - 1:50pm
I was alittle worried myself when I thought I was prego. I wasn't married yet either and our wedding is set for September 18th.

When I found out I was prego, I was really happy and wasn't too worried, bc I knew I wasn't going to be showing much by September.

Relax, you will be happy no matter what the results.