PG-Is it ok to get Chiropractic therapy

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PG-Is it ok to get Chiropractic therapy
Fri, 08-27-2004 - 9:31am
Hi! I recently found out I am pg (about 4 wks) and I was wondering, I go to therapy for my neck and back 3 times a week, the therapy consist of Electric Stimulation and adjustments, I think I have heard before that E-Stim is not good for pg women, does anyone know this for a fact? I have an appt. today...would appreciate any responses...
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Fri, 08-27-2004 - 10:12am
I don't know 100% for sure about the electric stim, but the chiropractor will know. Other than that, chiropractic is very safe. (I just went yesterday!) Just be sure to tell the chiropractor that you are pregnant - he/she may have to adjust the type of manipulation done on you.

Good luck!


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Fri, 08-27-2004 - 11:22am
My SO is a chiropractor and E-Stim is NOT advised for pregnant women. Chiropractic adjustments are actually recommended - they can reduce the chances of back labor and ease back pains throughout the pregnancy. Tell your chiropractor immediately about your condition and avoid the electic!


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