For those of us w/ little money

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For those of us w/ little money
Mon, 08-21-2006 - 3:37pm

Hey everyone,
Hope everyone is doing good. Anyways i just had this genius idea that i thought id share :-) Well if your like me and have a lot of family and not alot of money i came up w/ the perfect gift idea 4 christmas this year!! Im going 2 get profesional pics. done of me and my little family (me , b/f, and baby boy) and get a box of x-mas cards from walmart i think there like 30 cards w/ envolpes for $2. anyway, the pics in total will cost like $50 and i'll just give everyone a card w/ the pic. in it. Cheap, cute, and practical. I know im a genius,lol. So if anyone is interested i thought it was a good idea. but maybe im just crazy.

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Mon, 08-21-2006 - 5:49pm
I did pretty much the same for our first baby Christmas, except I got 8x10's for the grandparents and put them in inexpensive wooden frames.

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Mon, 08-21-2006 - 8:36pm

That's a wonderful idea! It also keeps your family and friends updated on your family. My mother did that every year for Christmas as our Christmas card for 20 years. All of my extended relatives loved them because they always knew what we looked like. It was a little weird, but also kind of nice that when we did see them every 5 years or so, even though we didn't know who they were they ALWAYS knew who we were. I think it helped everyone to feel more like family. I know when my grandfather died, we found every single one of our pictures in his bedroom... he really cherished them! What a great tradition to start!!

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