What friends?

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What friends?
Sun, 08-27-2006 - 9:40am
The older you get the harder it is to make friends. A year ago I moved to Calgary where I now live with my wonderful DF. I dont regret it for one second. But lately it really makes me mad that I have no friends. At first I was working all the time and wanted to consintrate on DF's and my relationship and now that I am PG I just want to her other women talk to me. I feel so alone sometimes and I have the strangest feeling. Like I am going to die during labor. And dont know why. I am 22 and I know that I have a lifetime for friends, but do friends have a lifetime for me? Sometime I just want to scream!!
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Sun, 08-27-2006 - 10:18am

If you were focusing on work and your DF, other women may have seen that invisible "Do not disturb" sign on your back.

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Mon, 08-28-2006 - 11:19pm

I'm sorry to hear that...

If you want someone to talk with, feel free to send me a message. I live in Calgary too, perhaps we could be "pregnant buddies".

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Wed, 08-30-2006 - 2:01pm
I noticed that the older I get the least amount of (old) friends I have. I have slowly weeded them out and now I have a very small circle good friends. I don't think I have a problem making new friends, it's just that me & my old ones don't have much in common anymore. I'm 30 and the friends I had when I was 22, are no longer around. Don't think of it as something negative, just think that the new friends you will make will share more in common.

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Tue, 09-19-2006 - 9:41pm
hey sweetie, sorry you don't feel so great. I know where your coming from. I have lost all my friends since i found i was pregnant. I only have one that i visit with and the rest are just family members. so i turned to all these great moms on this site. They help alot with advice and it's just nice to know there are other people out there that care to talk to you. You'll be busy soon with the baby and if you go to child education classes or take yoga class for pregnant women, you'll make mommy friends.
I think of scary things like dieing while giving birth but look at all the other women that did it and there fine. They did it, we can!! write me back hun. Think positive
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Thu, 09-21-2006 - 12:08pm
i can relate to you. since i've been pregnant i have had so many friends become anti-social. it's like pregnancy is a disease instead of a blessing. but you do have a lifetime for friends and throughout that lifetime you'll find out which ones are really true friends because they won't be scared away by your pregnancy. maybe they are not use to it or maybe they are just unsure how to react. whatever the case, stay strong and know as long as you have a companionship, friends will hopefully fall into place for you. it's okay to be frustrated though. i am everyday. because it seems all my friends from high school think pregnancy is a plague. but good luck. hope you are feeling better.