Will I just know how to push?

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Will I just know how to push?
Mon, 09-11-2006 - 1:40pm

I was just wondering if I will know how to push and with what muscles. What was your first experience with birthing a baby like in terms of pushing "properly"? Does it really just come naturally or do you have to be told how? I just worry I won't know how to get the baby out! (Can you tell I am getting close to my due date!? Getting paranoid!).

Our labour tub was delivered yesterday and it's all set up, I am so excited!!


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Mon, 09-11-2006 - 2:20pm

Most times you'll know. You'll feel this incredible amount of pressure and you just NEED to push.

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Fri, 09-15-2006 - 12:51pm
Awwww. For me it did come naturally, you want to push and feel it there. Hope it goes quickly for you, those last few weeks seemed like forever!!
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