buying cloths on ebay

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buying cloths on ebay
Sun, 09-24-2006 - 7:41pm
should i buy cloths on ebay
Mrs. Nolan
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Sun, 09-24-2006 - 8:28pm
For you or baby?

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Wed, 10-11-2006 - 2:38pm

I would say "heck ya"....I've discovered that to get anything somewhat stylish at any of the stores you're gonna pay an arm and a leg. Why not take advantage of the price savings on ebay? Most I've what I've seen and liked on ebay have the tags attached or are slighly used.

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Mon, 10-16-2006 - 3:57am

i definite yes, ive found some excellent bargains!!!! on ebay im in england so maybe things are a bit different but most stuff on there for babies are with their tags or pretty new, and i mean wat can newborn clothes have on them all they do is drink milk

just be cautious xx

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Sun, 10-22-2006 - 2:29pm
Absolutely, but only if they are a steal. I bought 75% of my maternity clothes online and only hated two items. They were so cheap, it didn't matter. You can also always turn around and resell them. I haven't started looking at baby clothes yet because I have so much from gifts.