Question about Maternity wear!

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Question about Maternity wear!
Wed, 10-11-2006 - 12:08pm

Hi everyone,

My name is Dot and I am a Stanford graduate student currently enrolled in a Management Science & Engineering class. Our team is working on a project geared towards expecting mothers and maternity wear.

I was hoping to get some feedback from experienced moms/ first-time moms about your past experiences with purchasing maternity wear. We were hoping to get an insight into any frustrations or problems that you might have encountered in terms of the quality, variety and affordability of the clothes in the market.

From talking with pregnant women/ moms, I have been getting feedback that it's very difficult to find quality clothes that can last through different trimesters without costing a bomb, and the fact that it's very difficult to keep buying clothes as your body size changes. Most women have complained that clothes are either really cheap (and ugly) or too expensive (and stylish) that they couldn't afford to sink in money to buy something that they would only wear for each trimester until the next baby comes.

Do any of you have additional concerns/frustrations?

I would greatly appreciate any feedback you can offer, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Best Regards,

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Wed, 10-11-2006 - 3:10pm

I guess most manufacturer's feel that since you will only be wearing the clothes for a short time, why put the quality in them.

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Thu, 10-12-2006 - 7:12am
Im only out of my first trimester and I already hate maternity shopping! Im 5'10 and seem to freakin' find pants long enough! I was very lucky shopping for clothes when I did because JC Penny was closing stores so all maternity clothes were on super sale. I got a bunch of basic tees for $2 and capris and skirts for $3. But now that winter is coming I cant seem to find pants long enough to wear! Its hard enough for me to buy regular pants let alone not being preggo! Grrr... It just urks me.

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Fri, 10-13-2006 - 11:04am
I don't know what the deal with maternity wear is.
The cheap-but-cute stuff at old navy and target doesnt seem to work for me. ok, i'm only 11 weeks but i figure, the only difference in the pants is the waistband, right? wrong.
I bought two pairs of maternity pants from Target, really cute, but totally SLIDES down when I walk. Its so bizzare, when I wear sweatpants they have an elastic waist and they dont slide down, so why do these pants?! And my tummy isn't flat or small pre-pregnancy so why can't these pants stay put?
I think if I had gotten them a size smaller (which would have made them a size smaller than my non-maternity pants) they would have worked better, but it seems pointless to me to buy skintight maternity wear when you have no idea how much youre gonna gain (or in my case, i've only lost weight so far).
Also, I was trying to find a plus size maternity jacket. If i usually wear a XXL in, say Old Navy, i wouldnt want to buy a XXL maternity jacket, I would want room to grow.
Plus sized maternity wear is NON-EXISTENT, unless you happen to like mu-mu's.


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Fri, 10-13-2006 - 12:14pm
As a pregnant woman who is barely five feet tall, I can tell you that NO ONE carries petite maternity clothing. And it is not as simple as hemming 5 inches off the bottom of a pair of regular pants- the crotch is too long, the thighs are too small and they look ridiculous on me! I agree that most maternity clothing is too expensive considering how cheaply they are made. You can be overweight, tall or even average height, but God help you if you are 5'3" and under...
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Thu, 10-19-2006 - 10:24am


I find the biggest complaint that I have is finding things that resonable. I don't want to spend a lot of money on stuff that I won't wear in several months. I also want maternity clothes that will still be stylish that I can wear with my next pregnancy. I'm not sure if it's the style of clothes that are out right now or what but I feel like a lot of it is not practical. I've thought aobut putting my own line of clothes out in the future. And one more thought, all of the pants that I find out there are either black, brown or tan. I guess no one thinks that we want to wear any other colors.

I'm just glad that I only have less than 8 weeks to go!!

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Sat, 10-21-2006 - 2:05am


I think that the everything is frustrating.


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Wed, 10-25-2006 - 1:43pm
As a new mom of my 11wk old son! I too expereienced what you and others are going through. But there is a good side and bad side when it comes to shopping for maternity clothes! The good side is that I am a stylish person, so I like to look nice, and therefore I shopped at Macy's maternity section and racked up on clothes, to last me throughout my preg. But the bad side is that I basically gave them away to another preg woman. I know that I will have another baby, but she needed them more than I did, and besides it might not be in style in the next year or so! So I guess it all depends on your preference.