Shower Favors, Games, Recipes, Ideas...

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Shower Favors, Games, Recipes, Ideas...
Wed, 10-25-2006 - 11:56am

We are going to have a shower in about a month. My mom is putting it together, but she is so incredibly busy that I feel that I should do most of the planning. Anyway, I need ideas for favors, games, food, and any other advice you might have. The coolest thing I've come up with so far is a crossword puzzle with clues about baby and us. I've never been to a baby shower so ANY words of wisdom would be so appreciated!!!!

Thanks for your help!!


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Wed, 10-25-2006 - 1:33pm

Check out Ivillage's "Planning the perfect baby shower":,,43ld,00.html

Hopefully you will be able to find thngs you can use.

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Thu, 10-26-2006 - 2:32pm
hello!! first of all-the party favors/gifts for the guests are easy-go dollar store. keychains, knick knacks, candles, bath stuffs, house wares (oven mitts, fridge magnets, etc)and bags of candy are the traditional ones. but you can get original too-we got 2 porcelin dolls for gifts at my sils shower and everyone loved them cuz they were off the beaten path. just look around-youd be surprised what you can find. then you wrap them up and give out 2 or 3 during the games. as far as games-the cross word is a good idea. you could also do a word scramble with baby related could do a word search where the words are baby related or related to you and your family/ could also put several baby items on a plate and pass it around and then when everyone has seen it, have them try to remember what was on it...also you could put several baby items in a bag and then pass it around and have the guests try to guess by feel whats in the 1 shower i went to, they had a diaper raffle-you bring in a pack of any size diaper and then your name gets put in a jar/bag for a big prize-at the one i went to-the big prize was a nice bath set. and i think the mom to be got about 15 diffrent packs of different sized diapers. its a great idea(you can also get whatever you want for the big gift-a bag with lots of the lil gifts mentioned above, maybe a gift card to walmart or somewhere or a couple of nice large candles). also you can do a baby pool-where your guests guess what date they think your baby will be born on...or what weight they think s/he will be...or what time they will be born...and they have to pay a dollar to get their guess put in-when the baby is born, the person closest gets the half the money and the parents/baby get the other far as food, see if you have it a buffet style resterant(we did that for my sister in laws-no clean up, no food preparation, no worrying about who eats/drinks what, etc. it worked out great). you could also go to your local grocery stores and see what they offer as far as deli/party trays or party subs. you could also see iuf they offer anything else as faras cooked food-i work in a deli and they do large orders of fried chicken...but it can get pricey if you have a lot of people and need a lot of food. also for a cake, see about getting one from sams club or cotsco-theyre cheaper than bakeries and they do a great could see about getting the food from there too-it may be cheaper than going through a grocery store...good luck!!! HTH!
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Thu, 11-02-2006 - 5:08pm
You have good ideas! Where did you get the word searches from?