Wedding News!!

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Wedding News!!
Fri, 10-27-2006 - 12:09am
Hi all just wanted to let you all know how my wedding went....drum roll went great! I was an hour late because my dad couldnt make it home on time and st the ceremony I was so chocked up from crying that I couldnt say my own vows. Our pastor didnt show up so my father in law did the ceremony. I cried through the whole thing. But it was beautiful. Everything else went so well. I had no complaints. I danced and everyone else danced and we took so many pictures it was great. Everyone at the wedding said that I looked so happy and which I was. It was the best wedding in my eyes.
I would love to send the some of the pictures to anyone that wants to see it. just reply to me with your email address.

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Sun, 10-29-2006 - 8:06pm

Thats awesome!!! I knew it would go well for you! Congratulations on your new hubby... ;) I'd love to see pictures -

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