Diaper Duty!!

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Diaper Duty!!
Thu, 12-07-2006 - 3:27am

I just thought that I would share a word of advice from one new mom to a few of you new moms to be! I found that buying diapers before I had DS to be of huge help! I started buying diapers at 25 weeks and bought a pack a week untill I had him! I also got some at my baby showers! I also baught wipes as well. It was nice not to have to run out and buy anything the first few weeks! My DS is now 9 weeks old and I still have a ton of diapers left.. It helps if you will have some trouble with money with u out of work!! I wish you all the best of luck and Grats!

Marcus 10-7-06

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Thu, 12-07-2006 - 7:08am
It's a wise idea...I did the same.