Is it possible....

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Is it possible....
Thu, 03-22-2007 - 1:05pm
to be pregnant and still have a cylce? I didn't have a period for almost 7 weeks, and just had one start sunday.
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Sun, 03-25-2007 - 8:56pm
So you are sure your pregnant? I would def. call the Dr. ASAP if you are... sounds a little fishy to me hun
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Mon, 03-26-2007 - 1:19pm
That sounds dangerous to me. I'm still new at this but bleeding during pregnancy is supposed to be a bad sign, I would definately call your doctor about that. How far along are you again?
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Fri, 03-30-2007 - 6:14am

Hi Im 18 weeks pregnant and didnt know I was pregnant till i was 10 weeks.I still had period type bleeding for two months. When I found out I was pregnant I told midwife bout bleeding and she said it can be 'normal' to bleed early on with first baby cos your stomach muscles are strong and are being streched. I also been told I have a low placenta which can be seen on the dating scan, this could have also caused the bleeding.

I think its best to see midwife or doctor to find out if definately pregnant and if so if you have reasons for period type bleeding

Good Luck!

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Fri, 03-30-2007 - 1:21pm
Contact your doctor. Having been through a m/c, I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but heavy bleeding can be a sign. A doctor should measure your HCG level and then take it again a few days later to ensure that the pregnancy is progressing.
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