Feeding/soothing issues

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Feeding/soothing issues
Thu, 04-05-2007 - 9:48pm
I have a 9 day old daughter and my oh my has it been a bumpy road in the breastfeeding department. I have seen lactation specialists twice and why does it seem so great while i am there in front of them but then totally diff. @ home???!!! Anyways, we have been having latching issues, and it seems like it is getting a little better, but today she has been one hungry little thing and my nipples have had ENOUGH. She fed for over an hour and still seemed like she wanted more. MY breasts seriously felt empty, and i have not had any supply issues. What do i do in this case? I just bought a pump but have not used it, and lactations said no bottles or pacifers for the first 6 WEEKS! i don't know how i am going to make it that long if this keeps going on. We both get so frustrated and it's just pure craziness. Any advice?? Also, another question, my b/f and i are wondering if it is worth purchasing a swing. She hasn't been too bad with crying/or sleeping if she eats enough, but we know more crying is very soon down the road. Is it worth the money?? Thanks gals!
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Fri, 04-06-2007 - 8:46am

Congratulations on your new daughter!!!

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Thu, 04-12-2007 - 4:14pm

Hi there,

My baby boy is 5 weeks and 5 days old and we had serious latching issue at first, too. I saw a lactation specialist but my nipples became very sore and came close to cracking. I use Lansinoh ointment after each feeding and that helps a lot! Lansinoh also has very soft nursing pads designed for sore nipples which I now swear by after trying a few different brands. Also, try rinsing your nipples after each feeding and changing your nursing pads each time, too. I ended up developing thrush, which also causes nipple pain. You can get prescription for that and my pain is almost gone.

What I ended up doing was pumping 8x a day and nursing at least 8x a day for the 1st two weeks. I collected all the pumped milk and froze it for future use. The purpose was not to feed it to my son immediately, but to help establish a strong milk supply by tricking my body into thinking I had twins, and to help reduce engorgement. If you just bought a pump try using it as much as possible to do the same thing, it'll help increase your milk supply and reduce your swelling. I stopped that at 2 weeks b/c the swelling had gone down and my milk was coming in fully, and I collected/froze about 16 bottles of 80 ml of milk.

About the marathon feeding sessions - I totally feel for you, the same thing happened to me a few times. It is emotionally draining...it helps to know that it won't last forever. your daughter may be going through a growth spurt. Usually my son feeds only once every three hours, but he had his moments when it felt like he was attached to my boob! It's nature's way of increasing your milk supply...

I have to admit I caved on two occassions and DH fed him a backup bottle of my frozen milk when DS had been nursing for two hours straight and I had nothing left to give him. It gave me a mental/emotional break, which is good for baby too, it gave him the milk he needed to fall asleep, and it gave my breast another 2 hrs to fill back up. It's not ideal and I certainly don't recommend doing it if at all possible, but that's how I got through two tough marathon nursing sessions. At other times, I just suck it up and nurse him a lot if it seems he needs it. You start to get used to it after a while, especially when you notice that he sleeps better and longer at night if you give him/her lots during the day, and I keep reminding myself it won't always be this way.

Good luck and keep up with the bfing!


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