Itchy & Sensitive Nipples

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Itchy & Sensitive Nipples
Sun, 04-22-2007 - 7:11pm
I am 27wks pregnant and a first time mom, about 4 to 5 out of seven days a week my nipples get super sensitive and itch like crazy. I'm afraid to scratch them so i usually try rubing them with the fabric of my shirt,i've also tried lubricating them,getting in a hot shower anything to stop the damn itching. If anyone has a remedy to this problem or even if you just sympathize please reply to this message. HELP ME!!!!
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Sun, 04-22-2007 - 9:41pm

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Mon, 04-23-2007 - 9:47am
I know your feeling. I did have the same itcyness! I found that washing my nipples with my usual soap, hoping to add moisture, did the opposite! They say that the soap acutally dries them out. So try not to get soapy suds on the girls!
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Fri, 04-27-2007 - 10:47am

Gerber makes some gel and comfort pads that specificially addresses the problems associated with itchy, dry and irritated nipples and breasts.

I think you can buy them online at and at the drugstore too.

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Fri, 05-25-2007 - 12:00pm

hey I just joined so I hope this advice isn't too late for you. I'm 26 weeks and I have found that Oil of Olay body wash with Aloe Vera Lotion Ribbons works exceptionally well for dryness. I have horrible skin and its only gotten worse since pregnancy. I'm dry and itchy all over AND my back breaks out really bad. Since Ive been using this body wash I haven't gotten any zits on my back and i'm not itchy all over. My nipples do get itchy still but i just go to the bathroom and put some Palmer's Tummy Butter on them. Its the consistency of lip balm and it makes them feel better because it has lavender in it.

I was at a baseball game with my fiance' last week and my nipples got really itchy but we were near home plate. I didn't want to get up and go scratch so I suffered through 3 innings before I had to use the bathroom. (Pregnant women shouldn't be allowed to buy ballpark food. I spend like $30 that day!)

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Mon, 06-11-2007 - 1:53pm
i haev a porbelm just like ur my nipple are extremly icthy now that im pregant i dont know if it normal or anything so im guna try some new crame and see if that help but it gets so bad i have to tasek off my bra im a frist time mom is this normal