Mud wraps while breastfeeding?

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Mud wraps while breastfeeding?
Mon, 08-06-2007 - 7:12pm

Hi Ladies,

Does anyone know if it's safe to do mud body wraps while breastfeeding or is it going to effect the milk somehow? I bought some 20lbs of sea mud right before I found out I was pregnant and have been wanting so much to start doing wraps. I asked my midwife if I can do them while pregnant and she didn't even know ... but I didn't do them. So now I would like to know if I can do them once the baby pops out or I have to wait till I’m done breastfeeding.
If anyone knows for sure please let me know =)

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Tue, 08-07-2007 - 10:16am
I did a quick google and almost everything said "Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women." So I would hold out a bit longer...
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