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Does any one know if it is safe for us to bleach and color dye our hair when we are 11 weeks pregnant? im desperate to dye my hair it is bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tue, 01-22-2008 - 7:05pm

I always dyed my hair after the first trimester.

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I think it is safe but you have to be careful because apparently when your pregnant your hair can take to the bleach differently and end up a bit orange.

So basically just make sure you have a good toner.


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I know how you feel - I am

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After the first trimester its safe to dye your hair, I made sure to ask the doc when I was pregnant cause I had such bad roots!!!

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I was told the opposite of all of y'all. I was told that highlighting puts less chemicals on your head than coloring because you are only doing sections and not the whole head. Coloring actually touches your scalp when applied.



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I was also told highlighting is safer but dyeing is fine= I would avoid bleach because pregnancy changes your hair and the bleach may not have the desired effect.


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It is okay to dye your