Everyone have a good weekend?

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Everyone have a good weekend?
Sun, 07-06-2008 - 6:27pm
Did you stay home and relax or did you go away?

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Mon, 07-07-2008 - 9:06pm

DH and I had THE best time in Whistler. The hotel, posh and perfect (and the rate we got...WOW! we're spoiled now!) and they even slightly upgraded our room by giving us a slopeside view which meant we could watch all the people going up to ski and snowboard on the glacier at the top of the mountain as well as all the other summer activities. We were off the Village area, but they had a prompt shuttle that was fantastic. the staff, never once did we think any of them could be nicer! one of the vallets (the cute Britt! hey, I'm married, not dead ;) ) even said hello when we saw him in the village.

The weather could have been better, but aside from some rain, which we don't mind we're used to it, it was a perfect weekend! I'm just trying to figure out why the heck it took us 9 years to get up there. it's about 5 hours but after Feb 2010, it'll take less time as they're currently improving the road between Vancouver and Whistler to accommodate the traffic the 2010 Olympics will bring. Stunning scenery, great attractions (altho admitedly, not cheap!)...yup, we'll be going back, perhaps even while Ruby is still quite young :)

Oh and on Friday, since we were beat from the drive, after dinner, we went home and I watched the DC PMS broadcast of the concert and fireworks, so we saw fireworks afterall!