Strangers rubbing your belly

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Strangers rubbing your belly
Fri, 11-14-2008 - 6:21am
Have you had people you don't know come up and rub your belly?

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Sat, 11-15-2008 - 1:09am
yea i have, n yea it did annoy me but i got the perfect revevnge, when someone you dont know comes up and rubs your belly, just smile n when they are done rub their belly n while they are standing there looking dumbfounded just smile n walk away. its what i did n ppl look at me like im crazy sometimes but it puts me n a good mood lol
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Tue, 11-18-2008 - 8:12am
Next time a stranger comes up and rubs your belly, after they're done - rub THEIR belly - bet they'll never do it again!


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Fri, 11-21-2008 - 9:18am

no, i haven't had strangers rub my belly yet...just DH, mom, brother, sister-in-law.

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Wed, 11-26-2008 - 6:21pm

I've only had one situation where someone rubbed my belly unauthorized.

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Thu, 01-08-2009 - 2:15pm
it usually doesn't really bother me too muh, but i must have been in a horrible mood a few weeks ago. some lady in the grocery store just walked up and as her hands were already on me said hello and that was it, just kept rubbing away. o i started rubbing her belly and when she backed off and looked mad i said i was sorry, i thought it was a new game we were playing, and just gave her a sarcastic smile. :) doubt she'll do that to a stranger w/o asking again:)
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Tue, 01-13-2009 - 3:13pm

oh man it drives me crazy! Im all about my personal space as it is and I dont know what it is about a prego belly that makes people think they can just come up and touch you. You woulndt go rub a non prego womans belly cuz that would probably be looked at as harassment, so whys the belly bump make it ok?

Also I dont like how people voice their opinion about how big they think u are for how far along you are. I had a stranger ask at the dentist how far i was ( i was 4 months at the time) and she was like " wow your really showing!!" Like I dont feel huge enough already. lol. I cant wait till I have the baby and still have that baby weight and people ask me when Im due...oh man....


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Mon, 01-19-2009 - 10:35am

It hasnt happened to me yet, but Im 13 wks and not really showing very much.