Freaked out about maternity clothes?!

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Freaked out about maternity clothes?!
Sun, 12-14-2008 - 7:37pm

I am starting to pop a little bit, at only 8+ weeks. I didn't really expect it so soon. I'm starting to wear my heavier-weight clothes (I lost almost 25 lbs. on Weight Watchers between May-Nov.), since I can't fit in my smallest pants anymore. I may be able to get away with some of my looser regular tops for a while yet, though.

But, I am not sure if most of my tops are long enough to cover my little pooch, especially in the next 1 1/2 weeks until I get some time off from work for the holidays. So I'm considering getting a few tops - either slimmer-line maternity ones, or loose and longer regular ones.

But I'm kind of freaked out about the idea of buying anything yet. We had to do IVF to get here, and I guess I'm still scared that it's too good to be true, that something will happen. My family wants to help me get maternity clothes, but they're also afraid to get me anything yet.

Is anyone else feeling the same way? Just curious...


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Fri, 03-06-2009 - 10:58am
I wasnt looking forward to getting maternity clothes, but they are more comfortable. Well Im still not crazy about the pants, but the longer tops are great for me, since Im very tall to begin with. I feel more pregnant and less "just fat" in the maternity tops. Im waiting for it to get warmer so I can start wearing skirts.
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Thu, 03-05-2009 - 10:14am
I dont' know if this will help but I went to JCPenny for my clothes. They had a lot of clothes that I would have not known about but it worked out really well for me.
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Mon, 02-23-2009 - 5:18pm

I am 9+ weeks and a co-worker brought me maternity pants last week. I didn't try them on until yesterday, certain they would be too big...of course they fit and they are sooooooo comfortable, I wore them to work today. Although I was apprehensive, I have a very small frame and there's no where for this baby to go but out!


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Sun, 02-22-2009 - 8:31pm

I'm not excited about maternity clothes either, this is my first pregnancy.

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Wed, 02-18-2009 - 11:04am
I am 33 Weeks and I just started wearing maternity clothes 2 weeks ago...thats only because It is extremely hard to find maternity clothes here and I had to keep looking at thrift stores...I've found that the maternity jeans are twice as comfy as sweat pants. As for shirts I have just been buying really long shirts that will cover my stomach.

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Wed, 02-18-2009 - 8:31am

I'm a first timer and I know that, even though my waistline began to expand around the 3rd month, I didn't actually look pregnant until around week 25.

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Fri, 02-13-2009 - 4:10pm
I am as freaked out about maternity clothes. I still fit into my regular clothes and I havent even gone into a maternity store as yet. I plan too once I realize my clothes dont fit but so far so good!

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Fri, 02-13-2009 - 3:41pm
Yep, some can where their regular clothes for quite a little while.

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Tue, 02-10-2009 - 12:52pm
Hey! Well I can't remember exactly when but I wasn't able to fit into my regular clothes early on I want to say 10 weeks or so. I am now 19 weeks and just now starting to really fit into maternity clothes. Everyone is different of course but the thing I have fallen in love with, well I was in love with it before are gaucho pants. I have gone to Motherhood, Target and all over to find clothes that fit!! I try to hit up the clearance rack at Motherhood (I can't believe some of the prices!!) I am lucky though because I live in Florida so it's usually warm all year round so gaucho pants are great. My little secret though is I went online to Target (I was so disappointed with what they had in their stores for maternity) and online I found a whole array of clothes and at great prices. Their maternity gauchos (clearance) were on sale for like $5, they have the free shipping over $50.00 etc.. so I bought about six pairs worth of pants for $50 or so. What's nice is I thought a certain size would fit, they didn't so I just printed out a receipt online and returned them without any problems. I went back online and ordered the right sizes. Plus these are great because you can wear them after the pregnancy. Hope this helps!!


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Fri, 01-23-2009 - 7:58am


Am 12 weeks today, my first pregnancy but not yet showing. Still wearing my normal clothes but not the tight ones. Those that used to be loose are now tight and nobody can guess that am preggers.

Cant wait to start showing. My doctor told me I might not show until 15 - 20 weeks.