Softbooks, Pillows and more FS

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Softbooks, Pillows and more FS
Wed, 04-12-2006 - 6:36pm

Most items can be seen at My store is closed.

Any questions please email me at or Jen

I just need to sell this. Prices are as follow. These come unsewn, so you will have to sew them Soft Books $6ppd each
Abc Christmas - 3

Night Before Christmas - 2

Mickey Mouse- 1

Winnie the Pooh- 3


Care Bears - 1

Bears on the go -2

Helping Heros- 3

School days - 7

12 days of Christmas - 2
(one of these are already made $8ppd for the sewn one)

In the Beginning Genesis 1:1 (Not listed in the store (Pending)

1 Yankee doodle song book (not listed) - 1

Pillows. You'll have to get the backing for the pillows. I have some colors of backing if you are interested in those please let me know.
Pillows $6ppd

Carebear Shaped Pillow (blue) - 1
Carebear Share bear - 1
Nascar 15 (variety of drivers)
Carebear Wish Bear - 1
Carebear Cheer Bear - 2
Spiderman - 4
Little League - 4
Bob the Builder - 6
Navy- 3
Army- 5
American Chopper Black Widow - 2
American Chopper Jet Bike - 2
Shrek/Donkey Body pillow -3
Bratz - 1
Thomas the tank - 3
Sponge Bob - 3
Dora - 2

Stockings- Most of these have the lining to go with them.. Some are already pinned together and just need to be sewn. I'll send them like this.
Stockings $5.50 ppd each

Gingerbread man - 3
Hello Kitty -2
Snowman- 1
Angel - 3
Santa - 3
Dora - 2

Totebags $10.50ppd each
Carebear - 4

Ooops all these have some kind of cutting error, so they've have to be sold as seconds. All these for $10 ppd for the lot

I have 2 carebear pillow panels
bob the builder pillow,
Winnie the pooh soft book
Teachers pet soft book

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Mon, 04-24-2006 - 12:42pm
How do you make the soft books? Are they supposed to be stuffed with anything or just sewn together?

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