Here's my attempt at this new format. m

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Here's my attempt at this new format. m
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 11:48am
Wow, they sure don't leave much space in the title, huh?

I got the Crayola Binoculars that I won in the Crayola Code Quest, a Rimmel lipstick sample, a pedicure spa set I won from Redbook (yea!!! and very nice), some freebie magazine that I can't remember the name of, Victoria's Secret and JCrew catalog, and a Refinancing package from my mortgage company (and silly them didn't even provide me with rates and closing cost fees, only an application with a fee I have to pay for them to process the form. Who says I was going to go with them anyway?)

Oop, that last part should probably belong in the rant section.

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