Mail call - week of 11/23

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Mail call - week of 11/23
Sat, 11-22-2008 - 2:53pm





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Mon, 11-24-2008 - 5:51pm
Its really been slow. Today I received a bunch of magazines and 2 free popcorn coupons because I bought a box of popcorn and one of the bags had a hole in it and made a huge mess in my microwave - HUGE MESS!!! Also on Saturday I received some fruit coupons from Vocalpoint.
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Wed, 11-26-2008 - 11:43pm
Today I got a free sample of Tide and 2 free samples of 2 different brands of diaper rash cream, plus loads of coupons. :) A couple days ago I got a maxi pad sample, too!
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