Wii victory

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Wii victory
Sun, 03-29-2009 - 6:06pm

DS is desperately wanting a Wii. We've held off for a year and now DH is on the bandwagon also. So for DS's birthday he is getting one.
I went today to turn in some Playsation 2 games for credit at Game Stop and had enough credit to get one Wii game for free (@27.00 value). I also bought Mario racing and 2 wheels.

Then I went to Target and they had buy 2 Wii games and get one free. So I bought Wii Ski&Snowboard and Animal Crossing and Kung Fu Panda. King Fu Panda was free. So DS is getting all the games he asked for and I saved $57!

I still have the game system and extra controllers to buy but that is once DH gets his commission check in April. I am a happy game shopper. Heather