Decided to babysit for the summer.....

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Decided to babysit for the summer.....
Wed, 04-15-2009 - 10:07am

Dh and I were discussing me working again, since my seasonal job is over. It would really help out while we get back on our feet after some business troubles.

But with summer break coming up, I've just been kind of stressed about leaving our almost 14 year old dd home alone every day, all day. Not to mention the trouble she could get in, but the idea that she will be here unstructured all day was really bothering me. I want her busy and active. And I want her to have fun!

Then my sil called and wants me to babysit her boys. She'll pay me and I can do my regular mom thing and they can go with me. It's not usually weekends, but 2-3 really long days instead.

So I said yes. And the good news is I don't have to buy "work" clothes. LOL I can also get back into school to renew my teaching credential at night so all in all a good thing.