Aeropostale victory!

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Aeropostale victory!
Sun, 05-31-2009 - 5:00pm

My 14DD was in desperate need of clothes, and we are on a budget of course. She was a size 5 last summer and with puberty her hips have put her into a size 9 this year, plus she has grown 2 inches and is 5'10! So, she has to have long jeans, which I was lucky to find some Aeropostale longs at a garage sale this summer for $1. We tried a teen resale shop this afternoon, but they didn't have any in her size. Then we went by Aeropostale and found some 9/10 longs for $5.99 a piece! There are hardly any sizes but 0's left with such a good sale, so we got lucky. I bought the 2 pairs of jeans, three pairs of shorts, and some capri pants for $50. Yay!


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Thu, 06-04-2009 - 2:55pm

Sweet deal!

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Fri, 06-05-2009 - 4:52pm

If you catch them when they have sales, you can get a lot of stuff for next to nothing. DD and I went in a few months ago and found a TON of stuff for $100. She bought 3 complete outfits (including hoodies) and I bought 2 outfits. I was amazed at how expensive they are normally, but even more amazed at how much they mark stuff down once it's on sale.