I have two victories this week....

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I have two victories this week....
Mon, 06-15-2009 - 11:56pm

My dd went on her trip to D.C. this past week. She raised half the $2500 herself. I was so proud that she managed as a 13 year old to come up with that much money, but she did it. Anyway, I sent her with $300 spending money as we were told the kids average taking $200 each for souvenirs and snacks and baggage fees. She only spent $40.00 She bought dh and I a book each and didn't use the rest. LOVE this kid.

While there, her digital camera starting making grinding noises in the lens when it opened and closed. Then while showing it to someone, she dropped it and it really damaged it. LUCKILY, I had purchased the extended warranty on it and they replaced it with a brand new one and there was enough extra to cover another extended warranty on this one. I normally don't buy the extended warranty, but thought it was worth it since it has so many moving parts and boy did it pay off.

Now, if only I had had an extended warranty on all the stuff that broke in my house this week: LOL

I dropped the spindle of the toilet paper holder down the toilet AS it was flushing. Gone before I could do a thing. Two days later the toilet started clogging up. Dh took it off, but it was stuck in the elbow of the toilet, so $150 later, new toilet. At least it's a low flow but has really good flushing action. NOTE TO SELF: CLOSE THE LID WHILE CHANGING TOILET PAPER.

My adjustable air bed has a leak and we just can't find it. Have to get new air chambers. BAH!

The coffee pot brewed it's last pot. BAH!

But as the week starts, nothing new happened so YAY!

Anyway, just had to check in with a few flops/ victories!

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Fri, 06-19-2009 - 1:54am

In regards to the toilet, you might check with your water company to see if you qualify for a rebate.

But good job on everything!

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