Frugal computer victory

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Frugal computer victory
Thu, 08-06-2009 - 12:33am

My desktop computer is 6.5 years old and was running so very slow. Even with the upgrade to DSL a year ago everything was so very slow to load. My baby brother was in town a month ago and I asked him for advice on minimum system requirements for a new tower and for a laptop. DH and I had been talking about getting something new but hadn't seriously looked, although we knew it was going to run us $800-$1000. And while I don't have a job, we have sufficient amounts in savings to pay for it and not pay interest to a cc.

Anyway, my brother did some poking around and discovered that I had only 256MB of RAM, which was why it was so freaking slow. Standard spped today for a new machine is a minimum of 2GB. He directed me to a site and had me order 2 - 1GB memory cards. It cost me a whopping $77.50 including shipping. He showed me exactly where to put them in and how.

The memory arrived today and it's amazing the difference those little pieces of plastic and metal can make! Opening IE takes seconds, not 1-2 minutes as it did before. Same for opening a folder or a document. We can easily hold off on a new computer for a couple of years.

In case anyone is interested, the site is What I liked about the site was that you select your computer brand (for me Dell), then the system type (Dimension Desktop), and then the specific model (4600.) Then it pulls up the type of memory that is compatible with your machine and you just have to decide what size you want. Apparently my step-dad ordered from this site and only paid $35 for 2GB of RAM for his machine (also a Dell but a different model than mine.)

Anyway - a sweet victory for me, thanks to my brother!


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Thu, 08-06-2009 - 1:28pm
That's great!

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Fri, 08-07-2009 - 9:00pm
Yep! I upgraded both the hard drive (because I have a track record with them) and the RAM, on my seven year old computer, earlier this year (or maybe it was late last year).


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Fri, 08-07-2009 - 10:32pm

Upgrading RAM and/or physical memory is a really slick trick; someone I used to work with, who loved cobbling new machines out of older ones (then donating to schools or people who couldn't otherwise ever afford one), was the first person who explained it to me.