truck flop turns victory

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truck flop turns victory
Sat, 08-15-2009 - 7:25pm

I spent the $20 for the state inspection which the truck passed so not complaining there

last nite I had a jeep cruise to attend and since dh went his jeep truck with the other jeep as a tow along that left me and the girls to go together

I had a few errands to run before hand so I had one last stop before the cruise and my battery lite comes on which I had no clue why
I told dh the battery lite came on and he said the terminals/connectors needed cleaned simple 5 minute job

so this morning had an errand to run and no battery lite for the first 10 minutes are so then the light came on and stayed one
I had a stop at the auto parts store and get the battery and alternor tested and they recommended cleaning the terminals a little better and sold me a battery cleaner tool for $3 or so

Come home and tell dh what the auto parts place said and he does that and then takes the alternor off a goes to the junkyard and spends $35 on a used one and takes mine and the one he just got at the junk yard to the auto parts to get tested mine failed and the one from the junk yard passed
the auto parts wanted $200 for a new one


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Sun, 08-16-2009 - 2:07pm
Wow that is a savings!
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Tue, 08-18-2009 - 10:08am
Yay for the savings!