Farmers Market victory

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Farmers Market victory
Thu, 09-10-2009 - 10:47pm

I hit the local Farmer's Market yesterday for bell peppers. I got 3 trays of peppers for $5 - which meant I ended up with 13 huge peppers (mostly red and green). The peppers filled a plastic grocery bag and I spent all afternoon washing and slicing peppers for freezing. I ran out of food saver bags, but did find a roll of the wide bags tonight in the cupboard so I'll finish them off tomorrow.

Of course, this victory is offset by the fact that I bought a pound of cream cinnamon honey for $6. It is delicious, but I could probably achieve the same blended taste by buying cream honey and mixing the cinnamon in myself. I'm telling myself that I was supporting a local honey producer so that part is good.