Finally sold stuff on Craig's List

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Finally sold stuff on Craig's List
Thu, 09-17-2009 - 1:58pm

I had a color printer than I got free with the purchase of my digital SLR camera last fall. I'd tried selling it twice before on CL - first time I had no interest (I think it was priced too high) and the second time I had several people interested, but then they'd change their minds and not bother to email me, or they'd say they want it and I'd never hear from them again. Grrr!!

This time I priced it at $40 and right away I got an email from a woman in my town who wanted it. Arrange a meeting time with her hubby and finally sold it. Yay!!

I also listed some area rugs that the previous homeowners left in the house - they were brand new, still rolled in plastic and everything. The style was ok but wasn't our colors and we don't have a lot of hard floor area where we need rugs. Posted them as a set for $150 but said I'd be willing to split them up for a reasonable price. Was offered $70 for the runner and the 2 5x7 rugs, which I took. I'm left with 4 3x5 rugs, so I amended the listing and hope that they will sell as well.


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Thu, 09-17-2009 - 2:35pm
You must live north.