Never shopping in Luxembourg again!

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Never shopping in Luxembourg again!
Sun, 01-03-2010 - 4:50pm

So yesterday the clearances in Luxembourg, France and Belgium started!! I had my moms van, and depending on what I'd find i knew it would fit in just nicely. i first went into a few shops to Luxembourg. I honestly planned to spend my money in this country but I only found two pairs of jeans, but they werent on clearance but part of the new collection, however, since I needed some badly and those were 2 pairs I liked, the only one left in my size as well, I got them before anyone else did. That's actually the only store I can go buy jeans w/o trying them first. I just KNOW they fit when buying them there. I was actually deceived that their clearance was 10-50 per cent on last summers collection, and they only had a few items of the fall/winterline... so we drove to France (10 minutes from where I was, and actually 3 minutes from where I live). 70 per cent off, if you buy two items on clearance, you get the 3rd clearance item (the cheapest) for free. so I was looking for a little bigger items because I didnt want to get a 2 bucks worth shirt for free... I focussed on the stuff the kids and I actually LIKED. So I didnt find anything for myself. Ryan chose Spiderman Sneakers, while Dylan wanted Hot Wheels Sneakers. Both were originally 19.90, 70 per cent priced down, so almost 6 euro. I found a winter sleeping sack for Naïma, also 19.90, 70per cent priced down. So all I had to pay was almost 12 Euro! the cashier also handed me a 10 euro off coupon for the spring/summer 2010 collection (if you buy for 40 euro or more, but spending that over there will be easy and good invested I figure).
Next shop, Ryan and I needed new wintercoats. 50 per cent on those. I also got myself a warm scarf, so there I spent a total of 34 Euro. Ryans coat is a little big, so I am pretty sure he can still wear it next year (if not then fine, I will keep it for Dylan). I got Naïma a whole big bag full of outfits for 25... She actually just switched from 1 month size to 2-4 month size and she still needed some. I also got myself a shirt for 7.
Driving to Belgium (10 minutes drive) I went to the baby store. Last summer, I actually got a wonderful stroller plus carseat there for only 80 euro, whole it was originally 400. That made 80 per cent off since it was from the spring/summer collection 2007, they still got a lot left, in perfect shape, still in the box... back then, I didnt think twice about it I decided to get Naïma a cribset, since it always made me sad that the crib sets we had were gifts from when Ryan and Dylan were born. I actually wanted her to have HERS as well. Those were 50 per cent off, so I paid a total of 33 for the set. I got a little mad at the lady when I asked for the thing to hang the canopy (is that what you call it???) on and she handed me one. Nice, 80 per cent off, but I had never ever seen such a dirty , oil covered (still wondering where that came from) and old thing in my life. I asked her if she would use this thing for her kids bed if she were me, and she answered "probably not, but its on clearance, the others arent". Dang.. only because I am shopping on clearance mostly doesn mean that I wont pay full price if needed. What on earth made her think that I would be ok with that piece of dirt??? I am clean, my kids are clean, did I really look like I would buy this???? She put it back and I asked her to see the full price ones... the one they had was the one in their showroom, so I still got a 30 per cent off... Paid 14 euro... Also got a carseat sack for her for 20 there (big brand, normal price was almost 50). You may say I spent a lot (and wonder if I won the lottery), but I think that I got definately great deals there, and will be quiet for quite a while now.

Shopping in Luxembourg is over. I go shopping while clearances in Belgium and France... so glad that I spend a lot less than I had planned, and even got much more than I originally thought. After the big savings on the stroller in summer, I should just have KNOWN it... The crib set was so not planned, but after so many good, but not expensive items, I knew I could buy it without going over budget.

One of these days I may actually go back to France, and go after the summer line... That way I have those clothes ready (and spent next to nothing, since they were 75-80 per cent off) once the sun comes out! also probably getting Naïma a more outfits one and two sizes bigger, now that they're 70 per cent off (plus one for free if you buy 2), so I wont have to worry about that anymore and always have everything ready once she's switching sizes...

I am still having the frugal fuzzies when I think about it....

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Sun, 01-03-2010 - 6:53pm
Sounds like you did very well! Congratulations! 70%


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Tue, 01-05-2010 - 11:18am

Excellent sales!