Produce co-op blessing

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Produce co-op blessing
Tue, 01-19-2010 - 1:44pm

Today was our produce always there were lots of yummy things, plus this time I ordered the new theme box (first time they've had it, and the theme was Asian). I pay $23 for the regular box and then the theme box was $10. I had had some car trouble this weekend, and DH had mentioned to FIL that I may need help picking my box up. We were supposed to get in touch if I needed him to go and get it. Well, the car is fine for now (hope it stays that way!), so I went this morning to pick it up, and they couldn't find my box, even though the coordinator remembers putting it together. She had enough extras to put together another box, and I brought that home (including my theme box). So, I get home and on my doorstep is my box of produce LOL! I'm still not sure if it was FIL who picked it up, or someone else (I had posted to my Facebook about DD being sick). So, now I have 2 boxes of produce...I DID call the co-op coordinator and asked if she wanted me to return one of the boxes but she told me to keep it. But I now have probably 75-100 lbs of produce in my kitchen lol.

This is truly a blessing because money is SO tight right now...lots of extra expenses this pay period, so my grocery budget was maybe half or less than what it normally is. We won't be able to use all the produce before it goes bad, so the things we can't use (and some other stuff that we just have a LOT of) I will give to my MIL. She had to be out of work for a couple of weeks last month due to a medical procedure, and is now on jury duty for this week, so I'm sure their budget is about as good as mine this month.

I know Kelly is always interested in seeing what is in my box, so here is this week's list:

Regular box:
potatoes (2 kinds)
JUMBO (aka the I never knew they could get this big variety) carrots
iceberg lettuce
green leaf lettuce

Asian box:
bok choy
green onions
sugar snap peas
bean sprouts
red pepper
yellow pepper
fresh ginger root

Now, anyone know what I can do with about 15 large grapefruit? I don't care for them all that much (will eat them occasionally if they are with other things) and DH can't have them very often due to medication he is on.

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Tue, 01-19-2010 - 2:20pm

WOW! That's a whole lot of food, lol! Not sure what state of ripeness your avocados are in...but I know when I keep mine in the fridge, it seems to slow down their ripening process and they last a little longer. Of course, guacamole is always a great way to use them up quickly.

As for the grapefruit, I think