Update on the dental expenses

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Update on the dental expenses
Sat, 03-27-2010 - 1:55pm

After getting a pseudo-2nd opinion, we are holding off on all those dental expenses. My ex-h's wife is a dentist. While they don't live in my area now, I still call her when we have dental questions. At the least, she can tell me what additional questions to ask, etc.

Pulling ds's 4 remaining loose baby teeth--She advised me to check w/the orthodontist about this. She said that in her practice, they routinely get letters from orthos about patients needing teeth pulled. She said that it's fairly common practice to do that. Ds had just been to the ortho the day before we went to the dentist and the ortho said nothing to me then about getting those teeth out, let alone give me a letter for the dentist.


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Sat, 03-27-2010 - 6:35pm

Glad to hear its all going to work out.


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Sun, 03-28-2010 - 10:19am
I too would question necessity of things if your paying up front for them.


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Mon, 03-29-2010 - 3:06pm
I'm glad you were able to get this information from your ex's wife!