Got a lot of returns done today....

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Got a lot of returns done today....
Fri, 04-30-2010 - 8:23pm

I have had stuff sitting around for months. I work full time in the winter and so now that I am off work I have time to clean and declutter.

I finally had time and REMEMBERED to take back some returns. Of course I couldn't find the receipts but the stores let me have store credit.

At Home Depot, I used a $29 store credit towards some plants and a really nice Krauter plum tree that was only $9.97.

At Best Buy I looked around but didn't see anything I needed. I'll probably save that money for something for dd for her birthday in June.

At WalMart I just bought some undies for dh, Saran Wrap and a few $4.00 tee shirts for me in the summer. And as I type this I realize I had a WalMart gift card in my purse. (D'OH!)

And at Marshalls, I used a store credit to buy a really cute pair of shoes for me, and a bird feeder....well, for the birds.

I considered going to Chili's for lunch to use my gift card there, but decided I didn't want to wait for sit down service, so I still have that one.

All in all, a fun day and I felt productive and thrifty because I got things I needed.