4/9 Thrifty Thurday

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4/9 Thrifty Thurday
Thu, 04-09-2009 - 3:14pm

What have you done this week to be frugal? Did you spend $$ on something this week that you now wish you had not bought?

Do you have a frugal or unfrugal weekend planned?

These threads have not seen much action the past few weeks! I'm sure that most of you have


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Thu, 04-09-2009 - 3:49pm

I do need to buy dd a pair of tennis shoes. Her shoes are so awfully dirty that I can't stand it anymore!
And the second set is dirty and ripping.

We are putting our motorhome up for sale. It's a heartbreaker since it was going to be paid off in December, but it's the right thing to do financially and it will take a ton of pressure off of us.

I'm also working on selling some other stuff to pay down debt.

I have a dinner invitation for tomorrow night and all I have to bring is an appetizer and something to drink.

But we also heard that a family member is not expected to live so that may mean some out of town guests too.

So it's a mixed bag weekend financially.

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Thu, 04-09-2009 - 4:20pm

I haven't did all that much this week. I did my usual with the air drying clothes, washing dishes, cooked at home all this week, rented Doubt instead of buying it. Oh I really wanted to buy it though, but oh well.

The one thing I did do was buy my best friend a night gown from victoria secrets. That wasn't the bad part it was the shipping. 14.00 in shipping. I just wish I would have did the standard shipping and if she got it on time then good for her. Well she's having surgury next tuesday. I was thinking a comfy tee sleepshirt was better than flowers.

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Thu, 04-09-2009 - 5:40pm

This week I have been very frugal, not going anywhere and planning meals from what is in the fridge and freezer.

I have a very unfrugal weekend planned, I am going to breakfast on Saturday, then an egg hunt at my mom's, then on Sunday I am going to breakfast after mass and going to Benihana with my family to dinner.

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Thu, 04-09-2009 - 9:42pm

This week was pretty frugal I guess. I didn't spend on anything except for planned items like groceries, meds, etc. I did spend $42 at Baskin Robins yesterday on my daughter's birthday cake and ice cream for us. We never go to Baskin Robin's, so it was a real treat for the kids, and I do love their mint chocolate chip. I guess DD was frugal because she is having a slumber party tomorrow night for her birthday, and instead of going out for pizza we are making tacos. She was completely happy to buy generic treats from Aldi's, too.

I have already bought birthday presents and Easter supplies, so we are set for the weekend. I think we might go to Bass Pro Shops on Saturday for a scavenger hunt and free photos with the Easter bunny:)


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Fri, 04-10-2009 - 10:23am

Frugal thing...made iced tea and baked cookies for ds's sleepover, instead of letting him talk me into buying soda and junkfood from the store


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Fri, 04-10-2009 - 4:07pm

Some frugal things I did this week.........

I got the following stuff free after coupons--2 Dry Idea roll-on deodorants, 22 ct. Carefree pads, 20 oz. Diet Dr. Pepper, Sun Chips (2.5 servings size bag)

After coupons, this stuff was under $1--box of Bandaids, 3 single packs of Stride gum (only paid .96 for all 3 packs)

I also paired some other higher value coupons w/sale prices to pick up other stuff we needed.

Used a free rental code from Redbox.

Started buying some graduation party food while stuff was on sale because of Easter. I bought some 2 liter sodas, $1/bottle as well as some Lays chips. The chips were on sale $2/bag and I had a $3/2 coupon, so only $1/bag for the chips.

I have been trying to keep my family from dumping their stuff on our dining room table. What a hot spot that can be! I put on a spring-ish tablecloth that I had and also made up a centerpiece using things I already had around the house. So far, no extra junk has settled there--yeah!

My out-of-town sister is in for Easter this weekend. In exchange for being a doggie hotel for one of her dogs, she trimmed the nails of one of my dogs.

We're dog-sitting next week for my other sister's dog. I'm hoping to exchange doggie lodging for a load of mulch. She can get 2 loads/year free from the recycling center in her town since they are city-residents. (We're not in that town.)

Will be planning menus tonight for the next 2 weeks.

Had dh cut a huge bulletin board in 1/2. It was a classroom size thing I'd gotten years ago from a friend. Now that my boys are out of elementary school and not bringing home so much artwork, etc., I don't want that huge thing. But they still need something. So dh cut it down, salvaged & reassembled the frame and now we have something more usable for their room.

I'm going shopping w/friends on Sat. to The Container Store. Could be dangerous, lol! However, I have a list of things I'm looking for and am planning to stick to it! I've been setting $$ aside for the things I want, so it's budgeted for.

Our weekend should be frugal. We're going to a family Easter thing at my mom's/granma's. I don't even have to bring food, but I did pick up 2 fresh pineapples at Aldi's today (.99 each) and will cut those up to take.


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Fri, 04-10-2009 - 8:23pm

I used a ton of coupons at the store when we went grocery shopping. My newspaper subscription is really paying off (just get the Sunday paper for coupons!).

We made our own food for our 9 month old instead of buying more jars of baby food. It's a bit time consuming, and we don't save a ton of money but enough to make it worth it. Plus that, she likes our food better.

Umm . . . when we went out of town last weekend, we went to the grocery store and bought things instead of eating out all weekend.

A few usual things - turning off lights when we're not in the room and opening the blinds to let light in to minimize using lights when we are in the room, opening the oven after cooking to warm the house a little as it cools down, . . . that's all I can think of right now.

I spent money on a cheeseburger today for lunch I wish I hadn't bought. I couldn't decide between the chicken sandwich or the cheeseburger for my once-a-week eating out so I got both. Ugh. Ate too much and spent $2 I would have rather kept, lol.

My weekend should be frugal. DH wants to go couch shopping, but I've been putting him off as long as possible. He's actually working tomorrow night so I might get away with not going. But even if we do, it's a purchase we've budgeted for so it shouldn't be too bad.


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Fri, 04-10-2009 - 11:16pm

I finally have something to add for Thrifty Thursday.

Instead of going to the store or getting fast food,

I took out a variety of oven foods -french fries 1/3 package, half a package of chicken nuggets, 3 pieces of fish, and two chicken patties. I also made peas.

We all ate something different although Ella didn't eat any of hers since she is feeling sick AGAIN. Preschool strikes again.

Big sister, little sister