QOTW.....Earth Day & being *green*......

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QOTW.....Earth Day & being *green*......
Tue, 04-21-2009 - 3:12pm

Tomorrow, April 22nd, is Earth Day. With all the talk these days about *going green*, I thought it'd be a great time to discuss what that phrase, "going green" means to you. Do you make a special effort to live a green life? What types of things do you do to help the environment? How do you teach your kids to respect Mother Nature and be conservationists? Please share any thoughts you have about Earth Day, being *green*, etc.

(FYI, Jennifer/my4littlebuffaloes is doing a great Earth Week series on her blog. Lots of interesting info!)


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Tue, 04-21-2009 - 3:50pm

I think the frugal lifestyle and the "green" lifestyle intersect nicely--there are things many of us do because they are frugal, but ultimately they are also helping with reducing carbon emissions, eliminating waste, etc.

Examples of things I have done in the past or currently do:

Gardening, including composting kitchen and yard waste, reduces what we're putting in landfills and is the ultimate in using locally grown food.

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Tue, 04-21-2009 - 4:08pm

Some of the things that we do to Go Green are:

  • Use Reusable grocery bags

  • wash in cold water

  • air dry dishes

  • recycle

  • donate used clothing that is no longer being worn

  • use flouresant lightbulbs

  • keep the thermostat high in summer and cool in winter.

  • combine trips to keep from running all over the place

  • carpool to work

These are some of the things that we do. We are trying to add a garden into our plans this year. I am always trying to come up with other ways that we can be more green. I pass this on to my students as well.

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Wed, 04-22-2009 - 9:15am

I'll be honest I am not the GREENEST person in the world, well no where near it. LOL So I could improve in it really. Here are the little things i do:

air dry clothes

wash in cold water

air dry dishes

take quick showers and limit those showers. (I do that by working out in the mornings then take a shower. I used to take 2-3 a day LOL)

when the weather is nice we are outside and not using the power.

reuse grocery bags

Thats about it!! Go green