5/7 Thrifty Thursday

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5/7 Thrifty Thursday
Thu, 05-07-2009 - 8:55am

Haven't done this in a couple of weeks...........

What are some ways you were frugal this past week? Anything that was new-to-you to help you save money or economize? Do you have frugal or unfrugal plans for the weekend?


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Thu, 05-07-2009 - 9:19am

Not so new to me Frugal:

  • air drying clothes

  • unplugging everything

  • limiting tv and computer time

  • making menus and not eating out as much

New to me Frugal:

  • Okay so I have been looking at this blog to get some ideas (4littlebuffalos blog) and it said to shop from your home, so I have been doing that. So I am only going to buy
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Thu, 05-07-2009 - 1:09pm


Did pretty good with grocery shopping this week.

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Thu, 05-07-2009 - 1:27pm


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Thu, 05-07-2009 - 8:16pm

well, getting the KFC coupons and eating the dinners felt pretty thrifty. :)

I guess my biggest/proudest thrift share is getting a mortgage refi. I have fine credit, not behind in payments, and I BELIEVE the fact that my mortgage is with Freddie Mac got me low closing costs ... I paid $500 for appraisal, which I get back at closing, and $2000 in additional closing costs, and will pay $113 less per month.

Unthrifty feelings about kids and after school sports ... I pack lunches and give money,

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Thu, 05-07-2009 - 9:27pm

Grated and melted bar soap for liquid hand soap.

I know we can wash our hands with bar soap at the sink, I'd just rather not. So I had bar soap (been 'collecting' it for years), but no liquid hand soap. I made a mistake or two and it was a hassle, but 1 regular sized bar of soap + 1 hotel/miniature sized bar of soap made approx a gallon of liquid soap (I just thinned it to the point where it would come through a soap pump, and to where I thought it would not gel in a solid mass). But, I may have to thin the bulk of it again when it's time to refill the pump bottles.

If you are a WOHM, this is probably not a good use of your time. If you're a SAHM, and you don't have a particularly demanding schedule, and you have a bunch of bar soap stowed that nobody ever uses...

Anyway, considering the price of a bar of soap compared to the price of a gallon of liquid hand soap, I thought it was very interesting. Compared to the cost of body wash, too. I'm not certain I could use this stuff as a body wash (my skin is sensitive), but I'm inclined to think that DH & DS could use it. Worth a try at least.

That was my project this week :D


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Fri, 05-08-2009 - 9:41pm

This week was not the most frugal but I have had a few good weeks before this one so I am allowed to be unfrugal once in awhile

first I had my oldest dd to the ped for her asthma and of course new meds were needed,an doc visit to keep wraparound services going,had to rescue my dh's niece and her boyfriend and twin boys after their jeep broke down so that was an extra 75 miles that was not planned for and today was go and get the broken down jeep to have dh drive it to my house for repairs

my oldest dd had a side

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Wed, 05-13-2009 - 5:36pm

What are some ways you were frugal this past week?

I stuck to my allowance.(getting the allowance is new to me)

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Thu, 05-14-2009 - 9:05am

My oldest DD had her 1st Communion this weekend and we saved, by having my MIL make DDs dress from my wedding dress, we also had a cookout for her party and instead of buying a cake I made a cake and served it with berries that were on sale. The cake with the berries cost only $8 when I add supplies together. We only spent $3 on plates, cups, and plastic ware, because I got them at the dollar tree. The food for the cookout cost $28, we had hotdogs, burgers with cheese, and baked beans. I bought the better meat and hotdogs since we had grandparents visiting that eat low fat foods for their health.

This weekend , we have a wine and craft festival downtown. I haven't decided if I want to spend the money to go. We will most likely go to the National Park and go hiking, we have a pass to the park, so it will only cost us around $8 in gas to take the trip. Other than that we will stay home this weekend and play board games for free ; )


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Sun, 05-17-2009 - 7:43pm
Well the biggest frugal thing we have do this weekend is go to the movies. All three of us saw Monsters vs. Aliens for free because dd works at the theater. We can see all movies for free as long as it is not opening weekend. Employee freebies are the biggest savings for us. We (and dh's parents) can fly unlimited for free anytime and we get 16 round-trip tickets for anyone else for $12. My ILs are flying all over the country this summer and my folks are headed out to NY.