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Sam's Club
Tue, 05-12-2009 - 8:53pm
We bought a membership yesterday in order to get some office supplies and they were a good deal.



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Tue, 05-12-2009 - 9:21pm

I love Sams Club.


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Tue, 05-12-2009 - 9:29pm
we don't pay for our membership *business membership* but we get diapers *we switched from pampers baby dry which they don't carry at sams to pampers cruisers* we get produce like oranges limes etc there and their meat is awesome most of the time.. probably will use it more coming up as Alex will be bringing lunch for kindy but may not get much more there as he doesn't eat a lot of processed stuff

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Wed, 05-13-2009 - 10:18am

I belong to BJ's, but I buy tons of stuff there that I use regularly:

diapers/wipes (when my son used them)
Paper Towels
Iced Tea Mix
Olive Oil
Spices (onion powder, garlic powder)

BJ's is great because they take not only their own coupons, but manufacturer coupons as well. I know Costco doesn't do that, not sure if Sam's does.

Hugs, Jean

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Hugs, Jean

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Wed, 05-13-2009 - 10:28am

we usually do stuff like big packs of dish rags, office supplies including things like blank CDs, folding chairs and tables. We don't do any of the food there unless we're buying a huge bag of candy for Halloween or stocking stuffing.

Way back when we first got a Sam's membership, we bought most of our staple goods (cereal, pasta sauce, pasta, chocolate morsels, tuna, bulk ground turkey, etc) there. Nowadays we eat basically local organic homemade stuff as much as possible so we don't shop the same way we used to (lots more stuff bought from the bulk bins at the veg food co-op using reused containers instead of adding more packaging).


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Wed, 05-13-2009 - 10:37am

Ask the meat dept when they reduce the meat

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Wed, 05-13-2009 - 12:39pm

I don't belong to Sam's but I have a Costco membership and this is what I buy:

Rice (25 lb. bag), frozen lean ground beef chubs, frozen fruit, chicken nuggets, Lysol wipes, Hershey syrup, Frito chips (for DDs lunch), fiber one bars, shampoo and conditioner, bananas, pork chops, chicken thighs, laundry detergent, toilet paper, Eggo waffles, syrup, spices, vitamins, batteries, cooking spray, tampons, and garbage bags.

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In reply to: momtomnie
Wed, 05-13-2009 - 2:17pm

My favorites there:

Paper goods: paper towels, bathroom tissue, kleenex, etc.

Trash bags.

Also some larger packages of frozen foods. Meat isn't often better than at the grocery store. For instance I was there this weekend and split chicken breasts were $1.69 a lb, but at

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Wed, 05-13-2009 - 4:39pm

We belong to both Costco and BJ's, but not Sam's. I think we have saved the cost of membership in milk alone! It is $1.00-$1.50 cheaper per gallon than at the grocery store! Also, dh and I always get our glasses and contacts through Costco and it is so much cheaper than other places. And gas is several cents cheaper per gallon. Not sure if Sam's has an optical dept. or gas pumps though. I would say not everything is necessarily cheaper than at a grocery store/dept. store, but I would say the majority of things are, at least the things I buy. With 3 kids, there are many things I like to buy in bulk, even if they are of a similar price, just so I don't have to drag everyone out to a store as often!! Go browse around Sam's one night with no kids and you will find all sorts of treasures. ;o)


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Wed, 05-13-2009 - 4:42pm

We've had a Sam's Membership for a number of years. I don't buy a huge amount of stuff there as we don't eat a whole lot of packaged, processed food, but I do have a "Sam's list" and even mostly just buying these things each month or so, I more than pay for my membership each year.

5lb blocks of cheddar and mozzarella cheese
Kraft Singles
Marques de Paiva coffee beans (yes, you can buy cheaper coffee, but if you like good coffee, this is a very good value!)
Thomas' English muffins
Mission flour tortillas
Sonicare toothbrush refills
Clear Care contact solution
Frozen broccoli and other vegetables
Fresh ground beef (sometimes the same $ or a little more than the grocery, but much better quality)
Pork tenderloins
Frozen tilapia fillets
Frozen salmon fillets
Kraft parmesan cheese
Baby dill pickles
Taco seasoning and other spices
Olive oil
Baking soda and Vinegar (for cleaning)
Dishwasher detergent

Occasionally I pick up some other things, but not until I'm sure they're at least the same priceif not cheaper as I can get elsewhere and it's something that we'll use up before it goes bad....

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Wed, 05-13-2009 - 5:14pm

I get my sons boost there.