QOTW....May challenge.....

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QOTW....May challenge.....
Thu, 05-14-2009 - 4:12pm

How are you doing with tracking your spending for the May Grocery Challenge? The month is about 1/2 over. Does it look like you'll make your budget?

I'm hoping to stick close to $350 this month. As of today, I'm at $14.76. That does include some grad party food; I still have a bit more of that to pick up but not much. I think I should still be at or under $350 this month.


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Thu, 05-14-2009 - 10:19pm

I'm in great shape! I have been on an exile for this month...and since I have been so busy with planning my dd's Sweet 16 party, and other things, I haven't really had a chance to go food shopping anyway! So, I haven't spent much money at all this month (well, if you don't count the party expenses, lol).

I am going to try and make it to the end of the month on exile, and then do a really big shopping to stock up for the summer months!


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Fri, 05-15-2009 - 9:28am
I haven't felt like shopping or cooking, so we have been living off our pantry.
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Fri, 05-15-2009 - 10:19am
I'm at $263 of a $560 budget.



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Fri, 05-15-2009 - 11:54pm

My food only budget is $325.......... I have spent $183.53

My household/pet budget is $75 ....... I have spent $35.66

I think I will meet my goal. I have lots of freezer/ pantry foods.

When I set a budget and track the "spent" amounts, it causes me to think about each item I put in the cart. I used to buy so much more thinking I should stock up when really, I don't need to. The only things I do really stock up on when they are on sale are chicken breasts @.99 a lb and hamburger @ $1.33 a lb. I do not spend more than $2.00 per pound for