5/28 Thrifty Thursday

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5/28 Thrifty Thursday
Thu, 05-28-2009 - 7:58am

Tell us about some frugal things you've done in the past week or so. Frugal habits or new-to-you ideas?

Mostly frugal habits here--line drying clothes, opening the dishwasher to air dry, packing lunches, cooking/baking from scratch, combining errands to save gas, planning menus from what is on hand, etc.

Now that school is out--YIPPEE!!!--I'll be on the lookout for free/very low cost things to do with the kids throughout the summer. Gets a bit harder as they get older and their interests are more specialized.


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Thu, 05-28-2009 - 10:20am

on monday I ended with some free parts at the auto parts store (these were for the over due state inspection) still need more parts but that was a frugal victory

I am cleaning out the freezer/cupboards for meals all week (no grocery store trips needed)

I am combining as many errands together when possible this week

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Thu, 05-28-2009 - 11:51pm
Went resaling today.