QOTW.......Christmas yet?........

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QOTW.......Christmas yet?........
Wed, 06-10-2009 - 1:09pm

Has anyone been thinking about holiday spending yet? Are you shopping or saving for Christmas, or a little bit of both?

I have not really even thought about Christmas. But we do have a *gift fund* in our savings account and I've been trying to keep up the monthly allotment to that. However, it's for all gifts throughout the year, so the balance can fluctuate (especially since we just had graduation!). As for spending, no gifts bought yet. As my kids keep getting older, I've found it's better to wait until about Oct. or early Nov. to see what they really want!



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Wed, 06-10-2009 - 4:26pm

Haven't even given a thought to shopping yet.


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Wed, 06-10-2009 - 5:15pm


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Wed, 06-10-2009 - 5:48pm
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Wed, 06-10-2009 - 6:54pm
ROFLOL! Hahahahahahahahahahaha.........


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Wed, 06-10-2009 - 10:14pm

I bought some manicure sets and bath sets at the after holiday clearance to put away for this Christmas.

I've also started making some scarves, pot holders and doll stuff that will be Christmas gifts


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Thu, 06-11-2009 - 10:05am

Nope - as noted, kids' interests (and SIZES!) change a bunch so we wait until at least Halloween before starting the holiday shopping. FWIW on my side we don't exchange gifts among the adults at all. On the IL's side we do either a Yankee Swap or grab bag (take a name thing) so it's two things to buy (or one larger one for the Yankee Swap if we're willing to just get one thing back). In either case, there's a hard maximum on how much we can spend on an item.


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Thu, 06-11-2009 - 10:53am

I tend to be an early shopper. I like to get it all done very early so that I don't have to think about it come the holidays.

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Thu, 06-11-2009 - 11:03am
Not thinking about no holiday spending yet.


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Thu, 06-11-2009 - 2:17pm
dont scare me... i have to survive their birthdays first...11 days apart good thing lily could care less about a friends party LOL so she's having a just us party then i'll worry about xmas AFTER their bdays

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Fri, 06-12-2009 - 12:13pm

We have been thinking about Christmas in this house.

Because we have such a large extended family, our kids get a lot of toys, clothes, etc so DH and I decided that in lieu of buying more things we would take our kids on a vacation.

About three weeks ago I booked a trip to Walt Disney World, and because we are planning it so far in advance we will be able to make payments over the next five months or so. Which means we will be paying for the entire trip, flight and food in cash!