QOTW.....Weekend spending.......

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QOTW.....Weekend spending.......
Thu, 07-16-2009 - 9:08pm
What, if anything, will you spend money on this weekend?


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Thu, 07-16-2009 - 11:24pm

Groceries, groceries, groceries!



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Fri, 07-17-2009 - 12:24am
As of right now -- absolutely nothing! However, that is always subject to change. lol.
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Fri, 07-17-2009 - 9:24am

No plans to spend anything this weekend!

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Fri, 07-17-2009 - 10:22am
it is my birthday, but since we just got back from vacation, we really shouldn't spend any more money. Hoping we can go to the u-pick farm though, I want some fresh veggies and blueberries.
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Fri, 07-17-2009 - 2:09pm
Not too much.
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Fri, 07-17-2009 - 2:54pm

A huge neighborhood yard sale tomorrow morning but money has been budgeted and my list of must haves are already written and waiting to be found at a reasonable price
I am giving each girl(3) $5 each for their own stuff but whatever it is must be approved by me first sometimes the girls never spend all the money
I already mapped out the neighborhood and know where to start since this a yearly event

I am sure I might need gas for my truck by monday

I am going to the local meat store for another meat package but first need to see what is in the freezer (the meat has a better taste and worth it)

I sure there might be something else but not sure

I might need a grocery store stop depending on meal planning for next week


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Fri, 07-17-2009 - 3:25pm

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Fri, 07-17-2009 - 5:24pm

13 bags of mulch.

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Fri, 07-17-2009 - 10:31pm


possibly a movie tomorrow (we have a great theater...brand new movies at $2.50 per person)


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Fri, 07-17-2009 - 11:24pm

Not much. I spent it all today!!!

Bought 2 bushels of snap beans to can, and the quart jars necessary since my other quart jars are in use. Mom paid for 1 bushel.

Bought 1 bushel of tomatoes to can, and the half-pint jars necessary since my other half-pint jars are in use.

Bought 2 pecks of peaches to can, and bought the pint jars necessary since my other pint jars are in use.

Filled up the car with gas.

Bought fresh, ripe