question re: medical coding jobs

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question re: medical coding jobs
Fri, 08-21-2009 - 12:54pm

I think I've seen that some people on this board are in this field. Can you tell me what training or classes you needed in order to work in this field?

The local tech college has a medical terminology course starting soon and I'm considering signing up for it just to give me something I can put down when I apply for jobs in the medical coding/claims field. I have no hope that anything in my field (urban planning) will open up anytime soon and my unemployment will be running out in 2 months. The nice part of this class is that it is available online, so I won't have to find day care for my youngest just so I can go to class.

I guess I'm just looking for a bit of guidance from anyone in the field. I'd love to find something part-time that would allow me to work at home and not have to put my youngest in daycare, but I realize that may not be a possibility as well.



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Fri, 08-21-2009 - 1:20pm
I took a course for this a long time ago.
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Sat, 08-22-2009 - 10:51am
I went to school for this also and it took me 10 months to get all the classes which teach coding and billing.


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Sat, 08-22-2009 - 12:02pm
I work for a company (we're outsourced)
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Sat, 08-22-2009 - 12:45pm
I wasted 12 grand getting training to be a coder.


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Sun, 08-23-2009 - 9:42am
Not trying to get you down.