HELP! I can't stop buying meat on sale

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HELP! I can't stop buying meat on sale
Sat, 10-03-2009 - 10:49pm

I'm starting to think I have a problem buying too much meat when it goes on sale. We're running out of room! Please tell me someone else struggles with this.

This week, ground beef was over a dollar off and pork ribs were 10 cents less per pound than I've ever seen them. I know I went a little crazy, but I have troubld stopping myself. We will eat it all eventually, but we don't have a hugs amount of storage space. DH is a little annyed (maybe more than a little)


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Sun, 10-04-2009 - 1:24am

Maybe if you set an amount either in pounds of each type of meat you will buy, or a dollar amount, you will be able to control your meat purchases. Keeping track of when the different types of meats go on sale should help you decide when enough is enough.

Hamburger and chicken go on sale here regularly, the other meats seem to be seasonal or only are offered once every several weeks. By keeping track of sales, you will see the sale cycles and will be able to better determine how much to buy to get you through to the next sale.

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Sun, 10-04-2009 - 2:19am
It's ok - LOL.
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Sun, 10-04-2009 - 8:47am
Your like me.